Friday, March 3, 2017

That missing piece.

I saw the movie Lion last night. The story, the actors, the performance and art direction.. everything was just beyond words.
The movie was all about not knowing what is missing in you and once you realize the quest to find that missing piece.
I thought how close it is to our children. I often think of Anand’s own perception of himself. What does he think, what does he feel or what will make a difference in his life. Does he know what is he missing ? Many a time I hear him talk about people around him, how he misses that social interaction, movies, bike riding all over the town with boys, fun, party or dinner out, girls, not having friends to hangout often. But these are obvious “missing” in his life, he knows these. But what about the not known “missings”? He doesn’t know them yet but will he realize that? “You don’t know what you don’t know” is my favorite line but we keep working to know more, learn more. I cannot imagine my life without this quest but imagining his life without this question is very comfortable for him and me for now.
The movie pulls a string in your mind somewhere and you question everything around you. What is real and what is not. Should we just be happy with what we have or look for those missing dots in life at the risk of losing everything?
A question to ponder upon?

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