Friday, January 27, 2017

The Desi Village..

The four mother in that quiet restaurant met like they have known each other forever. When I walked in, the server asked me how many and I had no idea what to answer him. I just said I think we are 5, meeting for lunch. He agreed to give me the window corner seat and I sat there wondering what to expect in next hour. 
I got involved with a whatsApp group of Indian mothers of special need kids . We have been thinking about meeting for some time. This was a first time meet for me with this group, When I ignited this meeting many agreed but we had many cancellation that morning so norm in unpredictable special need world. Finally 3 more mothers walked in. I knew one of them but soon enough all of us became friends like never before. No-one in that restaurant could imagine that we were meeting for the first time. Soon we forgot that we were new to each other. All we knew that we are in this together. We shared our dream, we talked about our worries and frustration, felt thankful to have people and support system in our life, expressed the gratitude and at the same time talked about our lows and highs, explained laws and services to each other, showed our family pictures and felt the connection right away. In that short period we held each others hand and uplifted the spirit, shared the knowledge and felt connected.
I drove back home thinking these women get me more than many of my fiends and family. They understand the emotions behind those frowns or teary eyes without even saying anything. This brings up a very valid question-what brings human beings together? sometimes we feel strangers with people we have known all our lives. and at the same time we connect with total stranger, hand over our life story, share our feelings, emotions, dreams, fears with them.
Lets keep talking ladies and we will find joy, happiness, comfort and hope with each other. Amen to that.

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