Thursday, October 25, 2018

Friends enrich your life in many ways.. Their kids are one of them.

A young bride in Pune meets husband’s first work friend, they not only worked together, they shared the love for music, books and other stuff and were house mates for short time. Life happened and they moved on to different countries and lost touch.
After couple of years now this time a young mother walks out of Boston airport and find the same friend waiting with husband to take them home. His home, where they get to meet the new wife who opens her home and heart for people she never knew.

Ajey was little shy of 2 yrs. and I clearly remember May 28th in 99, a hot day in Boston. A very tired kid after a long flight  but a very caring uncle held him lovingly. It was a beginning of a wonderful affectionate relationship between them. We all got along like we have known each other for years. D took care of our south Indian palate with love and care. Soon we had Anand and they had two beautiful girls. I was the first auntie to hold her. A year younger than Anand she made the world much brighter for us right after 9/11, she was just couple of days old. Holding her, spending time with her made me happier than anything else in the world at that time.

Time flew and we all moved to a new town, made new friends but the bond among us remained the same. My boys always had their love and attention. We live close by so met in town, school and if nothing else, coffee and Idlees were always a reason to drive to their home if love wasn’t enough.

Last weekend I went for their Golu (the festive display of dolls for festival celebration) . When I walked in, it was a reminder how few things sometimes just freeze in time. Memories and love are some of them. You just treasure them, doesn’t matter how long you haven’t met. I have seen those girls grow so it wasn’t them but the way they grew up is amazing, seeing them growing was a pleasure but witnessing them being what they are today is beyond words. every time I meet them I feel the same, wrapped in their love and affection. Deepa and KV have raised amazing girls.

The saree came from Surat, a dear friend who visited me while dropping her daughter off to college. I met her after 23 years but that didn’t matter. But it wasn’t her what this saree reminds me of, its everything that followed that visit. Her stay, out non stop talks over tea, her funny husband, above all her affectionate daughter who soon became part of my life, calls me her other mother. I think this saree is all about the girls in next generation.

Golu is an excuse but I love this season of celebration

Jaya Auntie with her girls.

a memory of a summer.

 Brinda in her element. Summer of 2006..

Ramya and Anand.. She was giving her toy to him.. Such a cute picture