Sunday, October 6, 2019

A trip to sunny California.. a happy soul, mind and body..

Traveling is supposed to make you wiser, smarter and open your world to new possibilities. You learn and experience new things. Sometimes it nurtures your soul in a way nothing else can.
Last week a crazy idea took me to San Diego. When you get to meet artists and their spouses they bring the world closer to you in a whole different way. I had met them a couple of times for short periods of time, just knew them a little bit but somehow we connected. We talked about meeting many a times but it never materialized into a plan but a conversation one day just led to me booking my tickets impulsively to spend time with them across the continent.
It was a beautiful Saturday and I landed in the morning. It is so not me going someplace so unprepared but this time it wasn’t a “trip” it was to spend time with two wonderful people. A walk in a humongous farmer’s market was a fabulous start to my not so planned vacation.  A short stay at home and 3 of us crazy people just drove to Mexico, not only to the border town but 60 miles further inland. One of the most beautiful drives. The weather, coastal breeze and fantastic food. I cannot never thank the host family for this awesome treat. My highlight of the trip –a tie–  visits to so many beaches or the long drives with ghazals playing in the car..
Those few hours were the proof that you don’t need to know people for a lifetime, just a simple connection is enough to bring someone closer.
Next 3 days were just the extension of this snap shot, endless cups of tea, beach hoping, drives, food, glorious sunsets and more – you can imagine my favorite liquid in small cups with lemon and salt. I couldn’t make it to any of the west coast sunrises though.
A drive to meet one girl whom I have loved since she was one. Now she is a grown woman, working on the west coast. Sitting in that café on Laguna beach, I was in awe of her. She was talking to my friends and I was just marveling how wonderful it felt to see her away from her home, mom and comfort of known. But she was shining and rocking. That one sunset, the beautiful beach, the jump in the water in the dark, everything is secondary to the warm and tight hug I got from her that night.
I was very lucky to have hosts who were so different from each other in many ways. Together they fulfilled every item on my wish list of things to do and experience on this trip. One of them took me to so many beaches and food joints, with the other I could listen to many ghazals and talked about poetry and everything which comes with this craziness. Those ghazals just refuse to go out of my mind for now. 
ग़ज़ल सुना के कभी नज़्म गुनगुना के मिरी
वो कह रहा था मिरे दिल का माजरा मुझ से

Somewhere in Mexico - we just drove and not worry about destination. This is me after long flight.. 

SO it begins.. a beautiful sunrise in Boston.. right before take off.

 A darling, who was "one" just yesterday, Like I was roaming around Singapore pushing her in stoller with her mom just yesterday and today she is a beautiful young woman working in California.. 

and my awesome hosts.. when i started my journey I had no idea.. these two people will make such a difference in my life.

Barbarossa park San diego..

Water does something to me.. a carefree me standing there, letting the wave come to say hi.

A pic taken by Amrit.. just random bird, a beautiful shot.

A beautiful sunset in Mexico .. Tijuanan

The drive to unknown.. Imagine Khan Sahab's voice in the background, this view and just 3 happy passengers in the car. Life is good.

then I came back home, a night hug and the words- "So happy to have you back mom, I missed you so much" and that made it full circle.