Wednesday, November 7, 2018

"Stay safe Mom" a good bye with words.

India trips are always exciting for me. A good break for boys and me both. I get to enjoy being daughter and sister and friend and a traveler. Mother and wife in me can take a little break. We all look forward to this. The trip begins the day I plan and book the ticket. Every year I go through the same emotions. Excited, happy, worried, stressed, hopeful and delighted.. all at once. But one thing never changes. The airport drive, Anand always comes to drop his mom, atleast he shows his emotions and tells me I will be missed. That doesn’t change the fact before the departure day arrives I am told that I shouldn’t come back from India, when he gets angry. The day arrives, I contemplate the stuff I am taking, weighing the suitcase thinking of the back up plan if I am not allowed to carry that much stuff. Every year I pledge I will travel light and here I am back again with the same dilemma. Ashish has learnt to not get involved in this discussion, he used to listen atleast now he just doesn’t entertain any of these conversations. But yes the struggle is real. And believe me it’s the same when I come back. The drive to airport is always long, atleast I feel it. It wasn’t any different last Friday when I left for my long awaited India trip.
I didn’t know what to do so had done the laundry, swept the floor, folded the clothes. When you don’t sleep the night before you have plenty of time. friends came and that changed the tone of the day with jokes, discussion and suggestions. 
We had an easy ride, not much of traffic, we had a cloudy and rainy day. Anand was on his headphones and I for a change didn’t have much to talk. The ride was quick so did was check in. we were little early to not much crowd and the gentleman was kind enough to take those heavy bags in without any fuss. By the time Ashish parked and came Anand and I were done with check in. I was relieved that everything I shopped and hoped to take is going to India. We sat for a bit, and it was time for security. When I said good bye I got a big hug, a real long one with the words – “Stay safe mom, I will miss you”. During the long flight this one thing I remembered this many times. It doesn’t change the fact he was still stubborn and refused a request for picture but in the end Its all turnout to be OK. My son will miss me and will wait for me, agreed to send whats app and will take care of his dad J

Written at the Boston Airport on Friday 11/02/2018