Wednesday, December 19, 2018

In search of .. something Musical or Magical.

When we all hopped in the car for our visit to the Berklee College of Music we all were in a different mood. It was a gloomy rainy Saturday. Going for observation is not fun at all but we needed to do it so that Anand could see the program.
He wants to go to college to write EDM music, I am not even sure if something like this exists. But what do I know when it comes to English music and its courses anyway.
We drove an hour to be in the city, Anand and Ashish with their own music on. Ajey at the wheels listening to his own podcast. On the surface it looked like a wonderful scenario but we all were in our own worlds.
I am not sure what Anand was feeling, we had been talking about this visit for a couple of days so he knew. He had seen the programs on the Berklee site and agreed to visit but it was  a new place, new thing – the thought was enough to cause anxiety. on top of that program site specifically mentioned the Special education program and I was afraid he would just refuse. But he agreed.
I was on my own, struggling to keep emotions in check.  I couldn’t stop wondering how different it was this time. Ajey knows exactly what he wants but with Anand everything is just another experiment.
Once he decides against anything I cannot change his mind. No reason, no logic will work then. So practically I am learning to “keep my fingers crossed.”
Finally we were there, parked and ready for our tour. First thing was a private lesson, a violin. It wasn’t Anand’s instrument but Ajey thoroughly enjoyed it . Took him to his violin years. All Anand could think of was lunch at that time.
Thankfully the second session was for rock band  ensemble. The moment we walked in I felt the loud noise will be too much for him. But I was wrong, he really enjoyed the class.The teacher knew how to get kids involved, he could pull Anand into participating.3 students in the class, which works perfectly for our kids, Small size classroom. That observation went well but we couldn’t convince him for the next session. The lunch was more interesting. I did see him enjoy the band and I am hoping this is something he can give a try. At the same time I am terrified with the idea of traveling to Boston every weekend.
But that’s where friends play a role. While talking  a friend told me her son is doing the same program and takes the train. I think this is something we should look into, making him independent.
On the way back I was in a much better place. I felt relieved when he said he would like to join it. Time to fill the application and see how it goes.
Anand's love for music is a blessing for us. He could play by ears when he started playing Piano but but soon expectation of rehearsal at home came on the way and he just stopped. I wish I hadn't given up so easily but there is no place for ifs and buts, all we do it move on and find another way.

He refused to sit with other kids but the teacher was kind to come to him.

  And I was  happy that Ashish came, he has his own way of convincing Anand 

 and this was what followed a Boston Burger..Ajey exactly knew what his mother needed.