Thursday, August 30, 2018

Family time.. a different kind of.

The family outing has a whole new meaning for us. When the kids were younger I could do and plan whatever I wanted. It was easier and simpler. We didn’t know much about Anand’s mind. Till then only Speech and language delay was the factor. He loved running around, donuts were his best friends and he could eat fast food and live on fruits so life was different.

We travelled a lot by road, everyone had their own music so road trips were fun.

Things changed and it was more obvious that our life was different than most familes and vacation has to be planned differently. I cannot drag Anand anymore. I still use the moms card sometime but it doesn’t end up in my favor all the time.

We have been working on doing more than video games and staying away home when weather is nice. Anand has always been fascinated with traffic lights. So he mentioned the walk around the seaport. Weather was perfect for a Boston day and we decided to give it a try. I was so excited to finally have a Boston day with everyone. He on the other hand didn’t want to do anything with mom. We drove to Boston, parked and looked for food. Went to one of our fav eateries in North End, the owner was very happy to see us and didn’t care if Anand didn’t want his food. Anand got a pizza from next door. I was happy at least he ate more than cupcake and coke. After that we decided to part ways. Dad and Anand went to seaport, Ajey decided to go to Museum and I decided to roam in in North End and enjoy the St Rocco’s day festivities. We could have eaten in those streets but it was too crowded for Anand.

I see so many families, enjoying the food, weather, road side eateries, and shopping, young moms pulling babies in stroller, making bubbles and face painting. At that point, it hit me how easy it is for many to enjoy the New England summer in so many ways.

At the same time, I am grateful for the blessings life has to offer. Walked into my favorite pastry shop and our usual server asked how come my boys were not with me. When I mentioned the crowd and long lines she was generous enough to add cannolis for the boys with my order. I wonder if it’s life’s way of balancing things? Meeting great people along the way? I missed my boys but was happy for them that they were enjoying what they liked. I could walk around Hay market, Green way, sat and watched people. On the other hand Ajey explored a different kind of art museum. Anand and Ashish had fun walk in seaport and went bowling. By the end of the day we all got together, drove to Castle Island on my insistence just to discover an over crowded  place. Decided not to get out in one of my most favorite place..thinking I am so glad we took that chance. Traffic lights .... Thats all we needed to find a different family day..

He does find his friends.. every where and they love him back too.

When you have a pleasure of sitting in the back seat.. After years of driving around being driven is so much fun.. Anand is a wonderful navigator.
  Walking around north end I realized I am the “shortest” person in the household.

 North End at its best.. St Rocco’s day parade. I was thinking we miss so many things living in suburb. 

This remains my fav photo of the day.. The kids playing in water fountain. I did it whenever I could with Ajey and Anand but at the same time I know so many families cannot enjoy this kind of summer. My heart aches for them.. So not fair to be NOT able to enjoy these simple pleasures life has to offer..

  And I did have some pickle making fun class Boston Public Market was offering . Jaya in kitchen the best sight.