Sunday, March 18, 2018

"know what matters most "is a gift.

Phone rings and you make a choice of taking the call. With 100s of things going on I decided to take that call and I am so glad I did.
Sometimes you just need affirmation of things you do and reminder why you do that and many a times you needed to be reminded of a bigger picture. I always thought I can see through things, I can be a visionary and think out of the box but many a times I get stuck with “Now” and struggle with it. It’s difficult to come out of that state and not think like a typical person. And then there are friends who remind you what is important in life.
I usually thought I was a happy person and many a time its true but at the same time I know I don’t handle criticism well, my older son reminds me so much of that. Its worst knowing your weakness and not able to fix that. Over the years, I am learning and handling it much better.
 One thing I know for sure that I am a magnet to good people, know how to find them and keep them for life.
Lucky me that I am surrounded by the people who support me in whatever I do. The mom’s network I am trying to build is one of those things in my life I am very proud of.
At the same time, I am learning how difficult it is to have 100+ women in a place and not deter from your vision and support everyone the way you can, also to inspire them to support each other. I so want all of them to think out of the box and be nice and support each other. “Share” the knowledge and be there for each other. But does it have to come out from within? You cannot teach anyone? I wonder many a times if I am doing is useless or doesn’t make a difference or doesn’t make sense to many. But a friend jokes that she is going out of the way to give ride to someone because she thought of me, that makes more sense. I feel so confused sometimes but that’s why we have a phone line : ) so people can call and remind what matters most in life.. pay it forward.
Having said that things fall into place. Thank you for all those Bday messages, I am so looking forward to growing up and enjoying what is important in life..

Ajey and I in Cambridge..
My Facebook status said that day 

A young immigrant mom, a nomad in me, was always missing the anchor in my life, I belonged to no place and was always in search of “home”. Soon I realized I am a global citizen and will always be a restless soul. An Italian friend of mine always appreciated everything Indian. Ajey’s 4th grade teacher and then many more non Indian friends always had questions about our life.. And then I found Jhumpa Lahiri’s NameSake, since then it has become my way of explaining my life.

Ajey read this book few years ago to understand his mom better. When It came as a movie we both were disappointed that it was shot in NYC not Boston. In the book the mom goes to a café in Cambridge, that becomes her place. Ajey took me to café Pamplona couple of years ago and since then it has become my place too. He took me there again yesterday to start my Bday week kick off celebration and we watched the movie together again..this book and movie strikes different cord every time and the conversation we have afterwards are like peeling onion. We get to know another part of each other. I think if nothing else, I have done one thing right.. made him a good man.. what else I can ask for.