Sunday, June 4, 2017

“Gentrification.” are you a victim of it? Ajey's case study.

This year Ajey decided to take a break from usual summer internship and I wasn’t a very happy mom. But he had his reasons, he has been interning since 8th grade and must do the same next year as he will be looking for a job year after so this was his only chance to take a break. a summer to do what he wanted. He wanted to write, a full time writing project and see what he can do for society. He has been working on this idea of Gentrification and I didn’t find it attractive enough for full time writing. I warmed up to the idea mostly because I knew I cannot changed his mind. He was Ashish and Jaya’s product; how can he do what everyone else does
Last weekend during a dinner a friend casually pointed out something. That’s what happens when a friend from your past (like high school) meets a friend from your forties. They talk about you. what you were thirty years ago and what you are now. The old friend mentioned that you were kind of different person then and the “now” friend agrees that you are somewhat not so usual person even now. That conversation couldn’t have happened at a better time. To remind me that my son is somewhat.. what I was thirty years ago. He is a man with passion, empathy and desire to do something better for the society.
Proud to present Ajey’s independent study project. He is working on the topic of “Gentrification.” I am amazed the way he comes up with idea and look at things differently. I couldn’t be any prouder. I am not even sure if I could analyze things this way even at my age but he sure does.
Here it is - his two episodes. The first episode is about general idea what his friends had to say but the second episode is about Franklin. Please take time to listen and comment your views and ideas. I cannot thank my friends enough to give their time and support my son. Well, that’s how you define the saying.. It takes a village
Let me know if you have anything to say and would like to talk to him about this or any other topic.