Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Empowered mother" is the only solution !!

With Autism things are not routine or traditional in our life. As I always say every thing is custom made so we keep learning and adjusting and trying.

After many years with so many workshops, seminars, doctors’ visits and books and everything in between we equipped us with knowledge but there is so much more to learn. Sometimes it is frustrating but at the same time it inspires to do more.

One of these seminar one speaker mentioned the program Federation runs for advocates (federation of children with special needs

Lucky for me the class was about to start in two week. It is course of 9 classes for 6 hours and was to run for 10 weeks. I decided it was time to get into advocacy world not for profession per se but to know more. I started the class 4 weeks ago, a drive of 40 miles from home. It’s been a journey full of a heart aches, inspiration, hope, worries, motivation, togetherness, compassion and passion.

35 of us, parents, teachers, professional and attorneys we all are in this together. Passion to do more for our kids, students and clients. We want to educate people around us.

I heard they are having tough time reaching out to many parents in Asian community because of culture and attitude. They don’t even have Indian volunteers to talk to parents. I offered Federation that I will volunteer with them and try to help them in anyways I can. Because I know how it is to be a mom, a special INDIAN mom. I know how easy and comforting denial can be. How lonely and dark the path can be when you have no support and information around and shutting down all the doors seems the best option. I know how scary it is to think of future but at the same time I know how knowledge can empower any mother. A well-informed mother is what we need for our children..

the unuasal 70F weather in Oct made me celebrate the festive season and inspired me to wear a saree . My first Crepe from Mysore Silk Udyog, first taste of commercial street world. A quick selfie before I head out.. 

The fantastic coordinator with me – pic in the comment. Her daughter inspired her to learn more, connect, support and unite people and now educating others is her mission. I so wish to follow her footstep.