Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First day (evening) of school

Every year the end of Aug brings excitement in many houses.. Beginning of the school, school supply shopping , the new classmates, new teachers and new friends.
The stores are filled with parents and kids with the list.
Our life started like this, we always had a busy summer.  My kids have a crazy mother who doesn't believe in quiet vacation. She dragged them out and force them for road trips and short vacations. Then the "back to school " shopping and waiting for the teacher assignment letter, new back pack, lunchbox and supply and clothes shopping. And for years I could manage the first day of school pictures.
But things changed along the way. From last three years the excitement was replaced with anxiety.
I think it was always there but became very obvious in last couple of years.The crowd and 100s of choices with supply made the school shopping a disaster. And from last two year the first day pictures are just a no no.
I was a regular mom who did all that usual stuff for my kids but Autism re-defined my usual in a different way. We shop early or very late in season, mostly online. I choose few options and he selects from that. This year I bought a backpack on my own which I thought would be better. Autism or not the boys are their dad's son who hates shopping so many a times I am the decision maker.
They just have no choice with clothes. I had to put my foot down that I will not buy and return stuff and Ananad knows that, so that one shopping we do together. we choose to do it after school starts  when everyone is done with theirs.
Junior year for Anand and he couldn't sleep well night before. I offered if I could come till bus stop and it was a "NO" so " back pose" picture wasn't an option either.
He came back happy and was relaxing so I just took this before he noticed the phone. Folks here it is - the first day of junior year picture.. Without a happy smile, without much fan fair but I am very pleased with a picture where my boy is just what he is..