Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time to move on

Today I thought of writing about Ajey, my older son. “Time to move on” that's what he said and a part of me just couldn’t believe.
 He has been playing violin since he was 7+. It all stared in Third grade with Franklin String school then private classes and High School Repertory orchestra and many more fun playing. Since he moved to Math and Science Academy in his junior year we knew it will be a difficult balance but he managed till December. But his c term changed everything. We talked, tried and finally we realized that it would just not work. Violin is not a very forgiving instrument it is very demanding hobby. He just didn’t have that one extra hour or energy for violin every day. I still feel he could have done it but whom I was kidding with. He is almost 17, he would spend his hour chatting, facebooking and texting rather than violin. So this morning he said he cannot think of continuing his private lesson anymore and doesn’t want to do violin. He will still play for fun and make music but not structured class anymore. As a mom I knew that I couldn’t stretch anymore and have to respect but at the same time I was sad. I was always proud of his musical abilities. I never played any instrument but seeing him play was rewarding enough for me. But I guess I need to let him explore new world. He stared listening to Indian Music that should be enough to hold on for now. I hope he will be able to pickup somewhere in his life but for now mom will have to be happy with the memories. Time to move on my son, spread your wings and learn something new but don’t forget what you learnt and had. some times it is good to come back to that.

Photo of Ajey - Playing in Symphony Hall with his Repertory Orchestra last year.