Saturday, June 27, 2020

Westport Beach June 26th Friday

I have always been in love with water, Cannot stay on one spot or enjoy whole day BUT i love going to beaches. I kind of think of myself as beach hopper. As I get bored with one thing or place easily so try to mix couple of things in one trip.
Also I don’t like to go to same place again however beautiful it may be. 
I am a geography/ map nerd so like to play with maps and plan trips.
I don’t like to go to usual places, I am an explorer, some time it serves me good and some trips are disappointment too.
Ajey had to work, He got home to himself for a change and 3 of us decided to spend some time on the beach.
Friday was my mental health day, a day off and I picked Westport beach.
We left home around 8.45 and were in Westport in 45 mins. Horseneck Beach is one of the most popular one but we ended up going to Gooseberry Island Public Boat Launch area. 
make a note -
This is the ONLY beach which has free parking, We didnt know that. I just wanted to explore that area because it looked so cool on the map. not a huge parking lot but if you go early you can find spot. we did. we parked and then walked around Island, lot of trails and beautiful beaches. its interesting to see how one side of the bridge was sandy and other was rocky. a cute place for young kids. explore and if you don’t like then go to Horseneck Beach, a huge beach with lot of parking with a fee ( state park)
things to remember. Most of the benches in Westport are resident only, but if you are a beach hopper like me then stop anywhere spend some time and go to next spot. and then finally find a place to settle.
we ate in The Bayside Restaurant, We could leave the car there and go to near by beaches for some time too. I drove by few beaches and found people relaxing, reading and just sitting. plenty of space for social distancing. I walked a  mile on the beach while my husband drove on E Beach st. 
if you want to go for a short period then go early park in Gooseberry Island, enjoy the water, drive around various beaches in town and drive back home.
if you want to spend a day and you want more crowd, a huge sandy beach then go to Horseneck beach.

beach hours - 8:00 am-8:00 pm parking - MA resident  $13

*** State Park parking pass in $60 for one car*** From Jan to Dec. additional $25 for second car. If you are young family then buy it, its worth the money.

Also noticing now "Demarest Lloyd State Park" is very close. if I go now will make sure to drive that area too. Looks nice.
Also lesson learnt -
Carry water from home as the restaurants serve you packed water. Outdoor seating .

BUT what makes it a special trip..??
Anand went with us, no meltdown and guess what he actually enjoyed the beach, he only threw stones and dipped his feet. BUT he went out and actually walked and did something, Ate burger and said he would like to come again.. My day was made. #Smallpleasure.

Bayside restaurant