Monday, July 25, 2016

A different family outing !!

A day out in Boston..
Summer weekends are not at all "the family outing, beach, park or picnic or BBQ" for our special family but we try to make the best out of everything we can.
So I take boys to City for fun and food.I have been doing it for a few years and it's getting better and better.
Ajey has always been my food companion. Anand goes for his reasons; sometime it’s the traffic lights and various walk signs around the city or some food. With Anand it is a stricter choice of food which makes it difficult to explore different cuisines. So some days it might be just Panera or some mexican food Anand enjoys but some weekends its just the foodie mom and son time.
Ajey is interning in Drapers lab in Cambridge but doesn’t get time to hang out there so we thought this summer we will explore different part of city. whenever we can.

We started our day with Harvard square. Ajey chose the café Pamplona, On the way to Cambridge he told me that the mother in "Namesake" spent lot of her time in that cafe.
The fun part was not only the coffee but the two girls Isabella and Simone who work there. With the fabulous sandwich and coffee the conversation turned into analysis of the customers and immigrants life and lifestyle in Cambridge, hard-working people in MIT and Harvard. We heard interesting stories about all aspects of human life.
I shared my experience as an immigrant young mother and as a mother of a grown son.
How things change in the last 18 years for me and how I think differently now, how this country has changed me.
The next stop was Kendall Square. Dead over the weekend. But could imagine how busy it would have been just 24 hours ago.
We headed to Seaport for our last stop. A fabulous dinner was in our mind. A friend suggested the place and it was true to our expectation. 
We asked to be seated next to Kitchen I could see the chef in action, got to talk to two of them
That was one best part of the evening
I have to be honest it was one the most expensive meal we had but the whole experience made it worth the money.
The day was great but the most striking part was the conversations we had
I don't think we talk about those many things in one day. These one-on-one trips with my man give me the opportunity to see the world differently. What makes their world young and vibrant.
My trip with Anand and Ajey brings a whole different side of world, their world.
A new world, a new thinking and a fresh new perspective on same old usual stuff.