Friday, November 27, 2020

Thankful for - you, me and us. Love, live and laugh.

Our family couldn’t make any traditions for this one holiday. It has always been the kind of day where whoever invites us we go there. I never made turkey or other TG dishes. Even if I ever hosted I stuck with the Indian food menu. No one enjoys turkey in the Pandey household so there was never a motivation for us to prepare turkey and a full thanksgiving meal either.

This year it was a totally different TG for us as it was for everyone else. We decided to do a quiet Thanksgiving.  Anand started counting days to his favorite pie from Sunday itself. I asked him what should be the menu. I knew the TG meal is not going to work for anyone so we agreed on having Egg curry with Roti. Ajey is always happy with Paneer so Ashish could pick the rice  ; ). The family decided to eat when it was a little dark. So I had plenty of time to cook. We went all out with the table setting and candles and what not.

We all got the drink we wanted. Boys helped me set the table and have a nice meal together. Anand even let me take a family picture. He was funny and happy and we all had a fantastic time. After the dinner he even loaded the dishwasher before settling in his room. Ashish and Ajey watched their favorite TV show Mandalorian . Once a week dad and first born forget the whole world for that hour, such an unusual sight in my household as Ajey is not much of a TV guy.

I on the other hand decided to enjoy the evening on my own. The decorative light in the dining area was just reflecting my inner happiness.  After a long time we had a festive meal together with laughter, smiles, jokes and fun. My heart is full of gratitude. There are so many families whose kids couldn’t come home this year, families are far away and some cannot bring their children home.  We have plenty to be grateful for.

 If you have been reading my blog then you know how rare it is to have a family pic. This one pic sets the tone for the evening. A thankful mom. 

Anand must be thinking - enough of pic, lets get the dinner going.BUT he didnt say anything.

Something for everyone

Saree of the day

I just didnt have energy to iron the saree I took out so this simple saree saved the day. I didn't even care that the light behind me will make me look dark, I just dint want to delay the dinner. 

ill-Stitched blouse, bad lighting and reluctant photographer. but at least got a pic - Another reason to be grateful for

Monday, November 9, 2020

Time to build - relationship, connection, a better world and whole new us

As an immigrant woman of Indian origin, a mother of a social activist and a special needs child and a woman with a progressive outlook the last few years very really hard, especially the last few months. The divide was very troubling but seeing people supporting it was really heart breaking. I grew up detesting the “caste system” in India but realized that even the first world has these issues. I am a centrist but was very sad to see how the “left” or the “right” philosophy has taken over the human core.

These 4 years were very disappointing in a way that political views had taken over the human connection, friendships, relationships and the overall goodness of people. 

We need to heal and today, right now is the time to start the process. Let’s make a new connection, a new world, with better philosophy, a society where men and women can dream equally, when we don’t have to keep talking about shattering the glass ceiling because there shouldn’t be any. Let’s hope for that.

I am hopeful that time will heal and we all will understand how important being together in these difficult times is, more than the politics.

Today I am just happy, a bright sunny Monday- I am so looking forward to a better week.

Our family having dinner on Election night - a random joke -no matter whoever is the president - we will have to do our pots and pans and laundry and cooking so these men matter most to me than anyone else.    

and this pic makes my heart smile. my son cooking.

Town truck cleaning the road on a sunny day. Thats what we need now - cleaning of our toxic emotions.

A beautiful saree from my sister in law's closet an outdoor lunch with friends. They mattered more than anything at that time. friendship and connection.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Silver lining - they may not seem one at that time

4 yrs ago on a fall Wednesday I was let go as a part of Strategic Refocusing of Workforce right before Diwali that week. I was training the team in India for couple fo weeks so I knew it was coming but again it was a shock that day. I was very well taken care off and I could afford taking some break. I decided to take some and enjoy my time. I thought I will just NOT do anything and rest. But that is the hardest thing for me 
I wasn’t looking for a job but I did what I wanted to do for a long time. Meeting other moms of children with needs and connecting them and building Mom's Network. for months I was talking, driving, meeting, chatting and organizing the meet ups. If I wasn’t let go I wouldn’t have done to this extent. I didn’t let the job define my life. I am so certain that I was let go because I had better things to do at that time. Soon I realized I couldn’t do it full time so I went back to being an analyst but by then I have built the village which needed everyone’s contribution not just me.
That break opened the door to a new idea, a concept and created a community for so many moms.That was 4 yrs ago. Over 200 Moms are part of that village today.
Met some moms from the Mom’s Network for an evening Tea. These Moms never knew each other couple of years ago but now they are each other's support system. This purple silk saree is a reminder of silver lining in our life.
Please read my blog, spread the word and help me connect the moms with children with special needs. 
The meetup on the deck, the 7 of us had multiples of chai and snacks and stayed 6 ft apart and talked about everything under the sun. 

Ajey's facebook post 4 yrs ago exactly this week was a reminder of how it all began. 

This pic is for my heart and soul - a reminder how far we have come. Anand is cooking chicken keema for his fajita.