Thursday, June 6, 2024

Amma’s legacy - adventure, travel and packing

 My mother loved traveling and any new experiences. She was always interested in whatever was going on around us. My sister put it nicely yesterday when she said that nothing ever bored her. I would add that she was excited about anything and everything her daughters were doing.

She would stay on the phone with me while I was washing dishes, folding laundry, cleaning, ironing, or cooking. She didn’t complain about the noise in the background or me not being on the screen; she was just happy that we were talking.

My mother was a meticulous packer. I remember her packing late into the night. All her daughters traveled much more and differently, but we followed her style.

For the last many years, she has been my packing companion. We would go through the gift lists, shopping lists, and wish lists together. WhatsApp video calls made our lives so easy. I could ask her opinion about everything from sarees to accessories.

A long-awaited vacation starts, and I just couldn’t pack this time. It was so hard to even take the stuff out. This time I packed at the last minute and realized how big the void is.

Amma, you would have loved listening to all about this trip and the places I visit. I would have loved to complain about packing and cleaning. We would have laughed together that I overpacked as always. You would have wished me a happy journey the same way you always did: "Travel, enjoy, eat, be happy, and be careful." You would have instructed me to send pictures.

Sheela Jha, I am sure you are traveling around the world. Stay happy, keep smiling and enjoy. We love you.

A simple cotton for a ceremony , a friend’s son became the priest , it was his “The Rite of Ordination” ceremony.

My first sunset trip for this summer-She was badly missed. I took pictures thinking of her.

I would have made the video call to show her how this male turkey was trying to impress his mate. We both would have laughed how hard life is for some male creatures.

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