Sunday, May 9, 2021

Fear is the strangest thing- do you have a grip on your own?

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This morning I woke with strangest feelings. Actually everyday brings different emotions in general. But now a days our Mornings begin with whats app msgs. The grim situation is India is worsening everyday.

These msgs can decide direction of the day. I have been getting better at keeping things in right perspective but some day are just not right days. 

I have started “Meet the Mom and learn” series for the group - This Saturday it was my turn to share my life stories with the Moms in the group. For years I have been trying to but cannot change myself in one aspect - procrastination. Somehow I work better under the deadline pressure. So that was the same case - yah, It will get done, almost there and all those usual excuses. 

So this morning was one of those. When I needed to put my thoughts in line, composed and organized they were all over.

The difficult news carry the weight of not only its own but from the past too and I think thats what happened. It sure did and I burst into tears during a phone conversation with a friend. I usually am good in handling things and my sure brain works in trying times. But this time I was just sucked into its game. I was very fine right after that. Facing my own fear and what if and what will I do kind of thoughts - they did play their dirty game but soon I had the handle on things. I did what I am good at. Reached out and learn some more. 

and then It was time to work on my presentation. I think I did okay. After that went to see a friend near by, and then did some more work because while walking back from hers I found something else to add. off course thats how it works. right :)

Finally an hour before the presentation the slides were up and then it was time to get ready and have dinner and then the game was on.

A very old Saree came out because I didnt want to deal with hassle of ironing and needed an easy drape.

My sister's work trip always benefited me. This is from my No-3 sister Varsha's work trip. A Gujrati Gota Patti Saree.

I so needed this kid to show me the fun and gundagardi #cutenessoverload

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