Friday, September 1, 2023

Are you missing the present in your efforts to prepare for the future?

 Am I working too hard to get Anand ready for the future, even after we're gone? Am I damaging my relationship with him? Am I being too pushy and focusing too much on what's not right for him today? Am I overly fixated on things that may not even be important ten years from now?

I wrestle with this dilemma every day - where to strike the balance between discipline and letting go. Mr. husband often gently reminds me that I sometimes see Anand as a project, always moving from one achievement to the next. He suggests I should savor the present and celebrate our accomplishments. He believes that things will naturally fall into place, whereas I firmly believe in the need for hard work to make things fall into place.

I admit that I often lose this internal battle, but the occasional victories keep me going. Anand usually turns to his dad for most things, and although I might not be his favorite person right now, I'm learning to accept it. I'll do what I can to improve my approach, become more patient, and learn to let go.

I believe that we all discover what's right for us at a given moment. Some things may fall apart, while others will work out. Our job is to keep trying different approaches and hope for the best.

Sending hugs to all the parents who are struggling today. Trust me, tomorrow may be better, and if not, perhaps next week. Just keep moving forward.

Anand all ready to go to proud of him. But now I would love to see him working more hours and doing something different :)  

 When things get tough, go to the ocean :) a sunset at Race Point beach in Provincetown
  I was swept away, knocked down, but someone extended their hand to me. With their help, I managed to rise and stood tall against those waves.I learnt that I dont have to give up but adjust my footing and find a balance and things will be okay.

A cotton saree a gift from a saree friend. My love for Movie "Once Again" Shefali Shah and her Sarees ( watch it if you haven't) a friend found this saree for me - Shefali Shah's first scene she wore this saree. The movie was again how a mother finding it hard to separate a woman from motherhood.

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