Monday, September 25, 2023

Build your village - A sleep over, a celebration of many things.

 When I started building Desi Moms Network seven years ago, I had an idea. This idea was developed by many, and they all shaped it into what it has become today—a group, a sanctuary, a safe place. Each and every person involved in it received something different from their experience, perhaps corresponding to the effort they put into it.

One day, I ventured into a tiny village within this larger community, where four women were collectively defining what this village meant to them in their unique way.

Imagine a sleepover with four women and four kids, all demanding attention and care. That evening, amidst the chaos, I witnessed harmony. Despite the kids running around, humming, shouting, and expressing themselves in their unique ways, these mothers managed to inflate balloons, decorate a wall, play music, savor delicious food, and cut a cake for one of the mothers celebrating her birthday.

What I witnessed was truly incredible. These mothers had done this so many times before that they precisely knew how to manage each other's kids. They made hot idlis because one of the kids loved them, included chicken in the takeout menu because another child would definitely eat it, and allowed another child to blow out the candles with minimal noise to accommodate their sensory needs. I stayed for a couple of hours, marveling at the synchronization they had achieved. I couldn't help but think about how exhausting it could be, yet these moms knew how to have a good time. Their plan, as always, was to wait for the kids to sleep and then stay up late to enjoy themselves, even if it meant waking up the next morning with minimal sleep.

As they juggled feeding kids, cleaning up, and chasing after them, jokes and laughter took center stage. I drove home, keeping that vibrant image in my mind.

So, if you ever feel like you don't have the time, energy, or that your plate is too full, remember to make space for that one phone call, a check-in text with a new mom, or a coffee date with another mom—you never know what it could bring into your life. 

A green soft silk for a quick meet. 

While I was celebrating the village, my son was busy with his video game. I sure have my village I wish I had done something for him. I keep telling these moms to learn from my mistakes. They sure are. Building not only their village but their kid's too. 
The theme was F.R.I.E.N.D.S

An online yoga session with my village

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