Monday, September 4, 2023

Gran Turismo - A movie for you but a big step and memory for our family.

 Going for a movie as a family Is such a big deal. Four of us with different choices, preferences and sensory overload , any family activity is challenging.

Anand watches some movies on TV because he can control it. He will watch the same movies repeatedly,. Watching something new really is a big deal. Ajey doesn’t have the attention span for a movie. Mr. Husband is quite selective about the movies he enjoys. I love to watch movies in theatre but finding a movie that both Mr. Husband and I can agree on proves to be a tough task.

Gran Truism had been announced long time ago and Anand had been eagerly waiting for it for months. Finally the movie got released last month. One of his friend had promised to watch the movie with him but never solidified any plans. It was heart-wrenching to see my son anxiously waiting every day. I wished I could do something to help him understand the concept of excuses and avoidance.

Finally he resigned to the fact that it’s not going to happen and he will watch when it comes on Netflix.

Mr Husband has been nudging him for few days to go with us. When Ajey came home for the weekend and also expressed interest in seeing the movie, it felt like the stars were aligning to make it happen. Anand agreed, and within an hour, all four of us were at the movie theater. We all watched the movie without any fuss, happy, smiling and excited and relived. It's an indescribable feeling, one that cannot be put into words.

So keep wishing, thinking and working on it. Things work out.

A linen saree for a board meeting. It was my first board meeting as member of the board with this organization. Such an incredible feeling to be part of an organization with a mission to empower families and create a vision for future.

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