Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Resetting the phone, life, time, and myself, perhaps?

Yesterday was one of those "reset" days when you find yourself constantly connecting and stretching, rarely pausing to reevaluate whether all of it is truly necessary.

My phone's password became entangled in a series of frustrating delays. It started with a minute, then five, then 15, and eventually stretched to an agonizing hour, followed by three more hours. The three-hour wait was the last straw. I decided to erase everything, fully aware that only my contacts (the most crucial aspect for me) were stored in iCloud. Since I regularly back up my photos, I wasn't worried about losing them.

I've been spending time reinstalling apps, exiting or deleting numerous WhatsApp groups, and contemplating whether I truly need so much clutter on my phone. I did lose some very valuable conversations and important messages on WhatsApp, but it's not the end of the world. I will adapt, learning to live without them and collecting things more mindfully.

I lost a lot of ghazals from the WhatsApp group I'm a part of. I may have many of them on my computer, but I'll miss the convenience of having them on the go. I also lost tons of my mom's voice messages and a multitude of unfinished drafts for my blogs. Maybe it's time for a new thought process. I will ask my mom to send me more voice messages, and I'll listen to the ghazals I have with greater attention. 

Today, I'll be resetting all those everyday apps, including banking and work logins.

My calendar is also empty now, so if you believe I made a promise, accepted your invitation, and failed to show up, please understand that my iPhone decided that I needed a pause in life.😊 

A Baghalpuri silk for a Hindi Manch Production, One of its kind in Boston. A dear friend wrote, envisioned and produced and found the best team to make it happen. Boston Saw a grand show. 

This was another reset for some, an improv meet at the local park - Not your typical families but they are there was one another to help them grow and support.
 Reset comes in many forms, water does that to me. Its a happy me in Nantucket , Below are the pics from my Cape trip - I was standing tall against all the waves and then came a big one knocked me down and then again and again I was knocked down. Someone extended a hand and I stood tall again. 

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