Monday, October 2, 2023

Revisiting the Past - The past connects to present

 I taught high school in my previous life. Twenty-eight years ago, I left that behind and decided to marry Mr. Husband. I loved teaching, but building a life with him was more appealing than anything else. Then, kids and two big moves across continents happened, and that life became a distant memory.

A fun trip to Maryland turned into a journey down memory lane in the strangest way. Two of my former students came to meet me. After 28 years, we spent our time talking about that chapter of my life. I had only known my side of the story -  how those students had shaped my life. But I learned how I had made a difference in some lives. My students were not much younger than me, so we could share and relate to our life experiences. We had all come from a small town in the central part of India, lived away from home and family for half of our lives.

This time, I wasn't just teaching chemistry to them; we shared our notes on life, marriage, parenting, womanhood, and career. These two women brought so much joy into my life, and of course, some food too.

Do you reminisce about your previous life? Do you meet people from those days? Does it bring joy or regrets?

A black cotton for a quick meet

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