Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Discovery Museum Gala- a fun evening

 Last Saturday was a night to remember as Discovery Museum in Action celebrated its significant role in the community. Like any nonprofit organization, the museum cannot sustain itself without the generous support of its donors. The fundraiser gala was aimed at raising funds for its various programs.

The staff displayed great creativity in planning this event. To encourage guests to learn more about the museum and its exhibits, ten different stations were set up where guests could discover more about the programs the museum runs. To enter the raffle, attendees needed to collect stamps from all these stations, adding an exciting element to the event. Guests had the chance to win prizes while supporting the museum's cause. I wish I could have won the “night in the outdoor treehouse.”

The theme of the gala was “Make the Connection,” emphasizing the museum's goal of connecting people. I attended with one of the moms from our group, and we had a great time.

One of the highlights of the Gala Night was the food and drinks that were served. I loved how the staff managed everything flawlessly. People in attendance had a fantastic time, enjoying the festivities and socializing with fellow supporters of the museum.

The families from Desi Moms Networks have been part of “Especially for Me” nights, and we are grateful to the museum for making our kids feel welcome. I had the opportunity to spend some time with the CEO, the future CEO and a few donors, and I conveyed to them how grateful the familes are.

Please visit their page and consider donating. They need your support to continue their valuable work in the community.

A beautiful Bengal Kantha to celebrate the museum and handloom. 

The future CEO, I know museum will reach another height in your leadership Marie. 
my plus one for the night has roots in Bengal so a Bengali Kantha was the perfect handloom for the night

 The best apple crisp 

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