Friday, November 10, 2023

What is your definition of anxiety?

Boston Children's Hospital has some wonderful initiatives, and I am very fortunate to be part of some of those conversations. As a member of the Division of Developmental Medicine's Family Advisory Committee, I get to hear how the hospital aims to improve the lives of our children. The team continues to implement new ideas, theories, treatment plans, and many more advancements. They seek suggestions from parents.

 When I was requested to join, I didn’t know if I could contribute in any way, but they were sure that my experience would be helpful. Now, thinking about it, I bring not only my experiences but also those of over 300 mothers from Desi Moms Network.

In the last meeting, the conversation was about anxiety and its effects on families, not only the child. Also, many of us seasoned moms thought the same — none of us had any idea how to define anxiety as such. The triggers were not even identified. Now, I think so many meltdowns could have been avoided if I knew the triggers.

Today, parents are more aware and seek help before things get out of hand. But there are still many in the dark. I so wish we had these tools available. However, life is about moving forward and sharing knowledge and supporting one another.

Below are some symptoms of anxiety. Seek help if you or your loved one feel this way:

  1. A churning feeling in your stomach. Acid reflux 
  2. Loosing interest and feeling of pins and needles , heavy head
  3. Feeling restless or unable to sit still. Feeling nervous, restless or tense
If I feel anxious, I meditate, shower, dress up in Saree, drink a cup of nice wine, go for a walk, listen to Jagjit Singh. What do you do?

A Pochampalli Ikat for a dinner out. This saree is a gift of love and care. 

A friend visited home and met Anand for the first time. He was busy playing his game but he paused to say hello and when she asked happily explained the game he was playing.

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