Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The Next Chapter - What are you looking forward to ?

Years ago Some of the parents got together to find a better way to  provide their children appreciate care and life. that was a humble beginning of Advocate and as of today this organization staffs 2200 and supports 45,000 children, adults and families, one can imagine its impact on the community.

From the Advocates website - Advocates is committed to helping people with autism, brain injuries, mental health challenges, intellectual disabilities, or substance use issues live healthy, happy lives in the community.

We partner with individuals, families, and communities to shape creative solutions to even the greatest life challenges.

I was honored to be part of it celebration gala as one of the board member. A chili evening in the city, a long drive turned into something amazing. As I walked in the enchanted forest theme I was caught into its spell. 

That evening some of the moms from the Desi moms Network got together to have their own celebration of festival season. Gathered in one home, getting Henna done, being together and celebrating their village. I spent an hour with them before I started for Boston to be part of the gala. I dont have enough words, I will let the pictures do the talking.

How important is it to have a village, Do you feel you have one of your own? Where you belong? Your child or family belong?

A simple blue Kanjivaram for the evening. A brown women in a saree, I sure was one of a kind that evening.


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