Saturday, November 25, 2023

What shapes the essence of "you" – your upbringing, opportunities, resources, or money?

 As individuals, we all evolve, but can you change the real you? Do you learn and grow, or do you merely adjust according to place and time? Do you believe it makes a difference how you were raised or the kind of exposure and resources available to you? If so, why do siblings often have different philosophies? If education and knowledge influence change, then shouldn't so-called educated people behave in the same fashion? Does your philosophy change with age, job, and financial status?

I grew up in a small town in the central part of India, in a middle-class family, with limited exposure to many real-life experiences. However, one constant was exposure to books, magazines, and literature. We didn't travel much for vacations but had a house full of guests.My sisters ventured beyond our town for education, worked in larger cities before marriage, and had a broader range of experiences than I did.

I raised my children all alone , away from family in different country and culture and navigated life on my own terms. I believe I underwent significant change as I grew with my children. What do you think about your experiences? Are you happy with how life turned out for you? What would you change?

A simple cotton for one of the celebrations. Non-resident Indians sure know how to celebrate – Diwali parties every weekend in November.

A simple cotton for one of the get together.

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