Monday, May 29, 2023

What your household help means to you..

This trip I am spending time with my sisters differently, staying home with ma papa most of the time. They all have their set of entourage for household chores. While growing up we didn’t have frequent turnover of household help as my parents  treated them well. They still follow the same practice whenever they visit our home town.

I have seen my sisters following the same pattern. They have built the relationships with their staff. Eventually they become part of your family. And I get to reap the benefits when I visit.

In April Papa fell sick and was in the hospital for 10 days. They were in Raipur with my third sister at that time. Rest of us were far and couldn’t be of any help but her neighbors and her house help were there to take care of things. She and her husband could focus on Papa but Amma and household were taken care by these wonderful people. They stayed home with Amma, kept an eye on her while my sister and brother in law were in the hospital with Papa. I came only after he was released from the hospital and recovering.

I have been visiting my sisters often but haven’t stayed this long at one place. This time I am witnessing their life more closely.

It’s not only Ma papa, I am also enjoying the hospitality.

The cook, the cleaning staff, the building attendant all of them make sure I am well taken care of. The cook makes sure I get to eat a variety of seasonal dishes of my choice, have cut and ready to eat fruits.

I have heard horror stories of the household help from various people too.
I wonder what it is? Luck, chance, money or how you see them as human beings? What is your experience ?

A linen saree from my sister's closet -

 My bua ( aunt) came to meet my dad so did my cousin. She is a month younger to me, we have been friends since we were very young. It was such a delight. 

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