Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A dinner out with someone who would that be for you?

 Years ago when I joined the support group for mothers with a child with special needs, I was emotionally drained. After 3 tries

I learnt that the traditional support group is not for me.

Later I started the Desi Moms Network keeping that in mind. Build your village for you first then your child. But how will you build the friendship at this stage in life. We come with so many baggages and are skeptical and its not easy to let someone be part of your world.

Keeping this in mind I started our Desi Moms Network with “let’s open our world to others”. psychologist Arthur Aron’s “36 questions to fall in love” became my baseline. We all got to know each other better because of these intimate questions.

Soon I started using this tool for all the saree meets I organized and it was very well received. 

When I met some saree sakhies in Bangalore, we started with introduction and the I picked a question from my list.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest? ( dead or alive)

We heard very interesting answers from family members to celebrities and many things in between, I will write about those answers some other time. But for now let me ask you? 

And if you are curious. Mine remained the same for years - My uncle ( whom I lost when I was 15, my hero) and Jagjit Singh.


A cotton silk from sister’s closet for a saree meet.

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