Monday, May 15, 2023

Friends, food, fun, sun and sand- a San Francisco saga

When I landed in Singapore with a 2 months old baby Ajey, I had no idea how I would raise a kid in a foreign country without any support and help. Mr. Husband was there for less than 10 months and had many bachelor colleagues. It was a group of around 13-14 people working together. When I look back I just marvel at the fact how difficult it could have been but we all made the best of it. 5 days of working together and then on weekends we had  outings as a group. Ajey as a baby had so many people to take care of him.

We cherished our time and then everybody moved on eventually.

Some of those friendship have stayed with us for over 25 years or so now.  One of those family is moving back to India. Hence the San Francisco visit.

I could write about the details of the trip but the friendship part is more prominent in my mind. The love and care we received tops everything I could ask for. The details and attention, the food list and prep and planning everything exuded their love for us.

Those few days were just full of warmth. And yes my love affair with sunrise and sunset continued even in SFO. Their bay facing apartment was a perfect place to begin the day and they made sure I got to see many sunsets too.

What do you cherish in your friendship? What is most important for you?

A saree I got as a gift from them last time I saw them. She really caught me in my element. Grateful and happy.

 The view from my window 
Walk on the day one - Met M K Gandhi Ferry Terminal Farmers Market  SFO
 Rodeo Beach Sunset day 1

Farmers Market The long lines for sandwiches 

SFO Trolly 
The view was spectacular even on a cloudy day 
 If you in SFO you must visit this place
SFO Mysterious Golden Gate 
Mr. Husband flew couple of days later  
Sales force park 
The bus must be passing through - Fountain follows the trail
How can you not go to Napa - When in Rome :)
Winery No-1 

Finally we found our place 

Downtown St Helena
They made sure we got to see the best the city has to offer #Grateful
Redwood park

Not only she got me this saree, she made sure there are plenty of pics to show how happy I was. Photoshoot on the SFO streets :)

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