Tuesday, April 2, 2024

A 7.30 AM Bday/anniversary wish call

 Amma was everyone’s 7:30 AM birthday/Anniversary wish buddy; well, actually, it was my father. He makes sure everyone receives those wishes, and then, in a short span of time, he's done with the conversation. But Amma was his social connection assistant. After he finished speaking, he would pass the phone to her, and she would continue the conversation with the receiver. 

Papa would wish them, exchange pleasantries, and then Amma would continue the conversation, filling the person in on other news. She would check on their health, their kids, the weather, share some old stories, and then ask them the same. She would keep track of whatever was going on in their lives and then fill my dad in later." Amma’s warmth was beyond regular conversation, She had a knack for making everyone feel loved, respected and valued. People loved getting those calls from them. 

I will moss those calls and those voice messages. 

I so wish she had trained someone witn the art of making someone’s day with those tiny Bday conversation.

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