Monday, January 16, 2023

What is a perfect day for you?

When we as a family plan to do anything, we plan many things, keep back ups and still our life is full of ifs and buts. Unpredictable and uncertain are the words to define a good day. Even though sometimes plans work out  and other times fall apart we keep hoping and planning and learn something new every time about our children and ourselves.

This long weekend was one of those.

We were able to leave home without any fuss and could have a meal in a restaurant without a meltdown, walked around the mall and came back home without an argument or meltdown. Today this was the perfect day for me.

Yesterday I laid out my plan in clear words. I want to go see Ajey and go out for lunch at a restaurant of my choice, might want to stop at the Indian Store and Costco. I wanted Anand to come with us so chose the Burlington Mall area as he loves walking in the Malls. I knew it will work but at the same time I didn’t want to eat at the food court, his usual choice so made it very clear that “lunch together” is the plan.

We all could have an enjoyable lunch, talking, laughing and when he was done he went back to Mall and we followed him. Mr. Husband came to the mall, picked what he needed and went back to enjoy his Netflix in the car. Anand went his way and Ajey and I shopped for me.  Pandeys were enjoying the day in their own style.

Today I figured out one more thing, make an inclusive plan and put it out there so everyone has an idea of what to expect. I didn’t go to the Indian store but Costco still worked out and everyone came home happy and tired. I think I can be a shopper if it comes with a good lunch.

I got to meet two moms from the group in the mall and that was a bonus.

How do you spend time with your family? What is a perfect way of spending your day?

A Tussar Richa from my Sister in law's closet. A day spent with my village. The women who laugh, joke, make fun, teach, learn, support, encourage each other and I am in awe of our combined strength. 

Such a small world, Got to meet two mom from the Desi Moms Network
 then it was time to hangout in Museum of Fine Art with my first born.

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