Wednesday, December 6, 2023

A welcome of its own kind - Road trip Saga

The last stop on my 1100 KMs road trip was at Mr. Husband’s Aunt’s home in Pune. Four days and 1100KMs later, I could witness what love and excitement looked like. She is one of a kind—creative, enthusiastic, eager, and very high energy. She approaches everything with passion. She has been one of his favorites while growing up, and vice versa. She hadn’t met Mr. Husband since our firstborn’s naming ceremony in '97; I did meet her once after. Facebook and WhatsApp kept her connected with us. When Mr. Husband expressed interest in meeting all his side of the family, I am sure she was on his mind the most.

Last night, we reached after 7 hours on the road from Aurangabad. Texts and calls were made about Mr. Husband’s food choices. The traffic in Pune was brutal, and finally, we reached home. I was very surprised not to see her downstairs, as she had called multiple times to know about our whereabouts. When we reached upstairs, I saw a teary-eyed, smiling mausi holding the lamps and flowers. The stairs were decorated with flowers, the rangoli was made, a welcome sign was displayed, and flowers were hung on the door. She was beaming with happiness and hugged him, saying, "Lord Ram’s exile was for 14 years, yours lasted 26 long years."

After a cup of tea and rounds of laughter, it was time for dinner. No table setting, no fancy silverware or servingware, but it sure was full of love and care. The women in his family are awesome cooks, so every meal has been amazing, but this was something different altogether. The way she served and fed him could only be experienced in person, not in words. Her son was joking that he was already full because he was forced to taste everything to make sure it tasted the best.

Mr. Husband sure is a lucky guy. I wish I had taken more pictures.

A simple bengal cotton from sister in law’s closet, borrowed for the trip.

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