Thursday, March 23, 2023

Bday eve Saga - 3 in one date - Celebration in style

The evening  was about Desi Moms Network’s meet up at Discovery Museum in Acton. I was happy to see these families together . My first born was home for Bday celebration, he was my plus one and the driver and photographer for the evening. He has always been my biggest cheerleader so it was fun having him see these families in person.

The major part of the evening was our “speaker series” date. The Art of Conversation | Cary Lecture Series, dinner and drinks and attending the event was the plan. We ended up eating pizza with everyone at the museum but the drink date was still on. We really had a short window but it was worth it. Very smoothly he slided his card to the bar tender. I really enjoyed the look on the girl at the counter. Spending my birthday eve with my first born is something I will cherish for a long time. 

We walked into a busy auditorium and it was so much fun to hear Meghna Chakrabarti,( a radio show host). She was really on point and touched many interesting topics. After her talk Ajey was the first one to ask a question, such an inquisitive mind. I on the other hand was debating if I should ask something or not. She talked about her immigrant parents, her Indian upbringing, her mental health. While Ajey asked all about politics and opinion I was more curious about her personal life. She answered both our questions brilliantly and honestly. 

We drove home talking about our evening and its multiple phases. We had packed so much in that short time but we both were glad we did so. 

A black simple silk for the evening for an awesome evening with a handsome date. 

A dear friend joined us for the talk, She saved the seat for us so Ajey and I didnt have to rush and we could enjoy our drinks across the street. Such a gesture. I was a lucky woman sitting between two people who really understand and admire who I am.

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