Tuesday, March 21, 2023

What is parenting for you? Joy? Struggle? Questions?

 Last week was tough on me. Anand enrolled for one class at Dean college. It was done after a lot of conversation and prompting from his coach, from us. He did sign up but two days before  the class he backed out. “You are pushing me to do it. I don’t want to do that. I don’t need to do anything more.”

I really had a though time getting around the fact that my son doesn’t have a vision and he is very happy with his 20 hours and some weeks lesser in a week job at BJ’s. I am very proud that he is working but at the same time cannot stop thinking of what comes “next”. But for him that is more than enough for now.

As a mother I always struggled with the idea - how much discipline is needed. Because we provided for our children , they never needed to “work” for things. So right now other than whatever junk food he buys with his money , rest sits in his account.  Because he is living at home with us we are taking care of everything else and he doesn’t think he needs to do more. 

There are times when I question if kids should pay for everything they need? Do you make your kids pay for phone bills? Internet? Clothes? Household grocery and daily needs? 

With everything positive some days I feel parenting is one step forward and two steps backward, some days it’s every step forward! 

And it’s different for every child. There is no one size fits all in parenting. 

Do you wish there was a manual for parenting?

A saree for a musical evening. I was exhausted that week but Friday was something else. I got to wear two sarees in a day.  Music helps you heal in a way nothing can. The gang celebrated my Bday.  

A shoe shopping day - some days a small thing can turn into a big deal. It was one of those days. I might be able to write about this fiasco one day.

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