Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Celebration of respect, care and sisterhood

 When I started Desi Moms Network, I had a vision - To build something I didn’t have but didnt know what I needed.

The memory of feeling despair, helplessness, hopelessness and darkness guided me to become the community builder I am today. 

One day at a time, one mom at a time and slowly here we are.

As of today these 280 women have found their friends beyond special need world. They are there for each other in every possible way.

These women stand by me, celebrate me - Their love for me is my strength.

They come over with food, flowers, cake and decoration, take over your living room and make it look like a party place. Hug you, get you a tiara and musical candle and take 100s of picture and even make a funny “boomerang”. Not to forget bully you in changing in a saree. They make fun of you with love, send goofy pictures to the group while waiting, plan and play games, laugh, joke and NOT talk about their kids. And then they wrap up, clean up , sort and distribute the leftovers and leave. 

Pics - I wish I could share the chaos :) Dont miss the video.

#Gratitude #Love #respect #Ilovemyvillage #Buildyourvillage #MomLovesAnand 

The Drama Video -

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