Saturday, March 25, 2023

Gratitude post - My Bday celebration still continues

I have been sitting on this thought for sometime. Pay it forward and gratitude are the feelings I live by but this year it’s even more prominent in my heart.

Last weekend my birthday was a reminder again of how fortunate I am. The day began with various calls from family and friends in India and here.

I couldn’t  talk to most of them because the day was so packed. 

Years ago when I opened my heart to a few people and allowed them to walk in I didn’t know they will decide to stay there this long in my life :)

I was young, loud, stupid and too fast for their pace but they accepted me as I was. Fast forward 25 plus year they are the ones who keep me accountable, grounded and humble. They are there to support and back me up with all my adventures even though they wouldn’t agree to most of my doing.

One of them hosted a breakfast that extended into lunch. What a fabulous morning it was, full of food, conversation, memories and love. I rushed to cut the cake with a kid who shares the day with me. Her mom made sure I was celebrated on that very day too.

The later part of this crazy day was all about the Pandey boys. Anand agreed to be in ONE picture so we got one family picture as my Birthday gift. He asked me a few days ago if I wanted to go out for dinner, his treat. I asked for a family picture instead and it’s my ONE precious treasured gift.

Ajey wanted us to try something different, a hip place in Somerville. So my first born’s gift was a dinner in a brewery and a take out order for the next few days from my favorite Pakistani place.

Having all of us together was a treat in itself. We didn’t do anything grand but it was sum of simple things. 

I thank each one of you for your love and appreciation. Those flowers, cards, gifts, Voice Msgs, text msgs, WhatsApp msgs and calls, words, notes, the Facebook posts everything makes my world a bigger and brighter place and I appreciate your presence in my world. Thank you. 

One of the mom sent me a msg - It was one of many of those kind - But this one in particular made me feel "calm" I think I needed this reminder that what I am doing is coming back to me in multiple folds.

"Dear Jaya, thanks so much for organizing the dinner, for organizing this group and for putting out this big beautiful intention that has blossomed with so much grace. 

That evening I was so tired after a completely wild play date, I had no energy left for anything. 

But, after I came away from dinner I felt revived. So unusual for an introvert ๐Ÿ˜‚

This is a testament to the love and generosity that has gone into building this commune of women. Everyone came to the table with so much love. I am honored and grateful to be part of this village. 

Sending you lots of love on your birthday. What wonderful use you have made of this life ❤️ " 

Pandey's getting ready to have some fun- One of my fav pic, Two of the pandeys love the camera, Notice the third one ducking behind us :) 

The Big gift a family pic

 I forgot to take screen shot of many msgs on FB/Insta and Whats app stories but these 3 were sent to me

and Finally a dinner date on a cruise with Mr. Husband. It was his turn to treat me. he got a spot on my calendar after a week. A Friday evening well spent 

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