Thursday, December 1, 2022

If you can make one SOS call whom would you call?

 This morning I woke up with a big todo list, it was supposed to be a beautiful day. It was also a day of an important meeting.

Anand is 22 that means he is beyond services provided by school system, that means he is on his own and Dept of developmental services will provide whatever it can. That is a government agency with limited resources and manpower. In simple words Whatever was Anand entailed to after age of 22 it is privilege now.

He turned 22 in July and we are still trying to get things in order for him. Him being him is another issue, I cannot make him do anything I want, or I feel is good for him. If he doesn’t agree ( which is often) he wont do it.

Today we had a meeting to plan our next step. He was at work and Mr. Husband didnt have much to contribute and I think I was anticipating way too much. I just couldn’t keep up with my mind going all over the places. A dear friend had offered to be part of the meeting ( so grateful for my village) even with her acute sickness.

Right before the call I made a call to a friend and within 30 seconds I realized the futility of that call. Somehow I felt that what I was going through is my own struggle. I didn’t feel like explaining myself or listening to something which will not comfort me. 

Did you ever feel that way? Even with your best friend some things don’t make sense? They don’t get what you are going through? 

Anand working in BJ's part of his job is - recovery 

Mysore silk saree for a musical meet. That is not my SOS call group but they fulfill my musical needs. Those few hours I forget everything and just let music soothe my soul. 
A msg to fellow moms- You all were in my mind when I was writing this. we all have friends and families with we share everything but sometime they are not enough. I went through that emotion right before Anand's meeting yesterday. Having a fellow special need mom on my side - thats what I needed. The other friend was there the way could be - got me some dessert later and sat with me. Make connection, build you village because this is long journey

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