Friday, November 25, 2022

***What Thanksgiving means to you ***

 We Indians are all about food and festivals. We may not adopt other things but will follow the food and festival tradition with Indian twist.

Thanksgiving is one of those festivals - Why do you celebrate or let me ask - What do you celebrate ..

Gratitude ? Cooking and eating? Shopping? Spending time with family and friends?  how it it different than any other weekend?

For many Indian household the traditional TG meal is a big No No. I never cooked Turkey. But ate everything  when we were invited. Few time when I hosted I cooked Indian meal.

But the question remains - What this means to you ?

Let’s define gratitude - How would you express and whom would you pay respect to?

  • Family members, friends, kid’s teachers, Support staff, Nanny, Day care providers, the mailman, the amazon delivery guy, the local takeout staff, the landscaper, the snow plow guy, the plumber, electrician. 
  • What are you promising to do better - be kind, resources and support to who needs them, Taking better care of environment and being the better version of yourself this year?

I have been writing for all the reason I am grateful for, don’t have to repeat but tonight I reflect and celebrate everyone in my life. I wish you all health and happiness and hope you have multiple reasons and people to be thankful for.

Years ago my parents bought a banarasi saree for me from Banaras, someone who was visiting us declared that that particular color wont suit me at all because I was dark. I never wore that saree and gave away. After almost 30 yrs later I found a similar shade and got that saree to remind me that I am much loved. This saree is testimonial of abundance of love, respect and care I am thankful for, Today, tomorrow and always. 

Our dinner that night, The host family has Oreo cookies and Pie and chocolate handy for Anand and he decided to eat just that. #Grateful 

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