Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Bangalore runs on the apps - an observation

This trip to India I had more leisure time in hand, stayed longer than usual and took things easy so got to see my sister’s lives more closely. One thing I noticed how life is depended on technology specially in Bangalore. The smart phone is key to everyday life. Every aspect of life is managed by some app. It reminded me of so much of San Francisco.

Specially the service apps are amazing, with cheaper labor, short distances and motor bikes availability they work wonderfully.

I live in a suburb and didn’t use much of door dash or Grubhub, don’t enjoy take out in general so this was a pleasant surprise.

There were few things I noticed - 

Loved the option of getting things delivered or picked up through Dunzo. 

Google Pay and Paytm and Phone Pay if you have these apps you dont need cash or credit card.

For grocery,  fruits and vegetables delivery app. Few are 24 hrs open, few deliver in 15 minutes, few run on subscription like milk and curd, few deliver in 6 to 18 hrs, Other than these apps many options on whatsapp to order fruits,  batter (idli, dosa, adai, vada, ground spices, fresh oil etc), next day deliver.

My sister’s apartment building has a gate app - No Brokerhood.

No one can come to her house without their approval. It also allows them to give 6 months pass to the frequent visitors, like my other sister has it.

There are other apps for the same purpose named as Adda and myGate, similar features.Selected the parcel options to see what was delivered.

They pay for society or maintenance charges through these apps and get immediate receipts.  It saves transactions history from forever.

NoBrokerHood app allows her to speak to anyone in the building and don't required intercom anymore. Without sharing phone numbers one can speak to other residents.

These are some of my observations. I would like to hear from the Bangalore folks and other cities too. What makes your life easy?

A saree gift from a saree sakhi 

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